Social Security Cards are for welfare applicants
(and to aliens after 1972), not for employment.

By Steven D. Miller



Welfare is only for those who are destitute and near death. Proof…

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In the entire history of Social Security Numbers there have only been six people who have been told by a court to get a number.  Note that ALL OF THE CASES INVOLVE PEOPLE WHO WERE PARTAKING IN WELFARE. 

•  Bowen v. Roy 106 S.Ct. 2147, 476 U.S. 693 (the only Supreme Court case)

•  Callahan v. Woods 479 F.Supp 621 (reversed by 658 F.2d 679).  Also related to SSNs for children, read the third Callahan case 736 F.2d 1269.

•  Chambers v. Klein 419 F.Supp 569

•  McElrath v. Califano 615 F.2d 434

•  Doe v. Sharp 491 F.Supp 346

•  Green v. Philbrook 576 F 440, (reversing 427 F.Supp 834) 


In one case, the court concluded that someone who was receiving welfare didn't have to number their children because of their belief that the Social Security Number was the mark of the beast.  It would be worthwhile to read the case Stevens v. Berger 428 F.Supp 896. 

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The Social Security Act, Section 205(c)(2)(B)(i)(II) (Link) allows the government to issue SS cards to welfare applicants and recipients.  There is no mention of allowing cards for employment.  This requires applicants for Social Security Numbers to be an "applicant for or recipient of benefits under any program financed in whole or in part by Federal funds"

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Not only did you confess, on a federal document under penalty of perjury, that you had no way to support yourself, you also waived your right to earn wages. 

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True or False Quiz:

•  Governments are instituted among men to protect rights, not to destroy rights.
•  A right cannot be taxed.
•  You have a right to earn wages.
•  If you waive your right to earn wages, then your wages can be taxed.






Social Security Numbers are not needed for employment.